Catching Up!!


 West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL) Valentines run 2-2-14

Burgess Hill Runners on tour!!!

I have been very very lazy as far as my blogging is concerned and lots has happened in the last almost 2 months since i last posted! Unfortunately not all good and I have decided that if this blog is going to mean something, then I have to put my heart and soul in to it and also use it as a little bit of therapy! My running buddy Neil just launched his blog and it is such a fantastic read that I knew i had to get back to mine and sort it out before i forgot all the good stuff thats been going on!

Predominantly this will always be about running, my newest passion and something that has become a massive part of everyday life that I never want to end, but there will also be snippets of other parts of my life and my life as Mummy to my gorgeous little girl has not been an easy one these last 2 months..

My daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome 4 years ago and as a family unit, we have learnt to cope and it has just become part of our lives. To be honest, I don’t notice much difference in her until I see her alongside other similar aged children and then it hits me. Anyway, we have got by, it can be limiting and we adapt where we need to, but since about October time we have been having terrible trouble with her and school. Since that time she has been increasingly anxious and upset about going to school resulting in total meltdowns from Sunday afternoon onwards and lasting through most of the week. It has been incredibly upsetting and tiring for us all and throughout this, the running side of my life has been even more important than ever, where I can attempt to focus away from everything else just for a short time and attempt to hold on to my sanity.

Things do seem to have slightly improved as we now have her school fully engaged with how she has been and what they need to do to keep her motivated, positive and to help her confidence. It will be a long, slow journey (bit like most of my runs!) but we will get there and no doubt I will share some of this journey with you if you care to keep reading my ramblings!

So, this was a little catch up piece to say I am still here, thanks Neil for giving me the boost to get back to blogging and 4 belated race posts are about to follow!

Will be back soon i promise 🙂

2 thoughts on “Catching Up!!

  1. Oh bless. My heart goes out to you. My daughter – now 13 – has aspergers which was finally diagnosed during a lengthy battle for custody with my ex husband when she was 7. A lot of misunderstanding, turmoil and accusations that are now resolved to help my daughter be the best she can. End of October to February is the worst time of year for some reason but her school and school friends are so good to her it’s been amazing. It’s difficult when she’s completely in her own world but I’d do anything for her. Well done on being an amazing mum xx

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and it is comforting to know that you have an understanding of what we are going through as it sounds like you have been through your own very tough times. Georgia is quite often in her own little world too but I do feel that as each day goes by, i understand her that little bit more but i know as she gets older and puberty hits, that it could get tougher. I couldn’t imagine life without her though nor would i ever want to change her. We just adapt and learn day by day.

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