I was a running hater a year ago and just could not see the point! I couldn’t run particularly well, i found it hard and also a bit boring. Something clicked about April/May 2013 and also with the onset of more warmer weather, I began to actually enjoy it a little. My husband was a massive support and I would trot along next to him as he slowed his pace down dramatically for me and kept telling me to ‘keep going’ and offered up treats of my favourite pizza & curry if i could run 6 miles with him! and it worked!

The biggest boost was joining my local running club, Burgess Hill Runners, in September 2013 and I really have not looked back since. That and the discovery of our local parkrun which had only really just started in the Summer. I have made so many friends since joining the club and taking part either by running or volunteering at parkrun every week. I actually feel that I can now class myself as a runner! I have also run 3 10k races and a 10 miler since September and am on countdown to my first half marathon in February!!

I live in the south of England and am married to another running nut, who also likes to tap on drums in his spare time and Mummy to a gorgeous 9 year old girl who doesn’t really like running much at all! I am a cat lover and partial to a drop of red wine, beer and of course curry & pizza!

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