Fun Runs….hmmmmm

West Sussex Fun Run League

Worthing Lido 4 miles 26th January 2014

39:02 (VW) =  very wet as Jeremy Clarkson would say for the lap of the ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’  

Totally hideous is about all i can say for this race, it was just disgusting! A 2 mile out 2 mile back jaunt along Worthing seafront in the horizontal wind & rain and so wet i couldn’t even get my camera out!

I went out too fast and wondered why i could barely breathe after the first mile so i then dropped back and let lots of people go past. There was a little slippy slidey bit of mud at the turnaround point and then it was back again in to the elements and i got a stitch! Lets just say i hated every minute of it and I think my time reflects that! Mind you, some of my fellow club runners were going out afterwards for a further 8 mile run as a bit of early marathon training and I had said i would join them…..and i did!!! for another 4 miles, by which point I had totally had enough and stumbled back to my friends minibus, shivering whilst attempting to dry off and stuff my face with my favourite Clif peanut butter bar…. yum!

Horsham Joggers Valentines Run 3.5 miles 2nd February 2014

40:47 & my garmin says 3.75 miles!


This selfie caused some amusement from my fellow running buddies who seemed to think i looked smug as though i had ‘let one go’ which caused the people behind me to look as though they were gagging or gasping for air!

Now this was a little trot around some country lanes and i enjoyed this race a lot more, but because of the incredibly wet winter we have had, the first mile was literally a case of try and stay on your feet and don’t lose your shoes, as you negotiated a sea of very sticky, slippery mud! I am definitely not used to trying to run in mud as yet (I am sure this will come with practice) but I did stay on my feet unlike some.  The rest of the time was spent on quiet country lanes with a few little undulations and although my mud adventure did tire me out, I was reasonably happy with this one.

Afterwards, as happened in the previous fun run race, some of the club went off for a few more miles along an old disused railway called the Downslink.



I did another 6.5 miles along here plodding at my own pace and enjoying the beautiful weather and saying hello to other fellow runners, cyclists and horses! I loved the old West Grinstead railway station.


The Burgess Hill Runners that headed up the Downslink.