And so it begins….

It’s the 5th day of 2014 and after spending New Years Eve reading a new blog that I had discovered called Red Wine Runner (see blogs i follow to the right of my page) and being totally engrossed and motivated by her writing and her running, I decided 2014 really was the year that I would start my own blog about my first proper year of running and all that goes with it. Forgive me if my writing is not up to blog standard at the moment, but hopefully things will improve as the days and months go on.

Talking of improvement, my running mileage for 2014 is so far a big fat zero and it is really frustrating me and getting me down! I actually haven’t run since boxing day, when i did a rather appalling 6 miles with a few of my club running buddies. I felt pretty dreadful all the way round and that was probably when this horrible throat/chest/lurgy thing was starting. Since then I have been suffering with a horrid sore throat and sore chest and have decided the best thing is to lay off the running and attempt to kick this thing in to touch. Unfortunately, when i feel like this i tend to eat things like this!


I felt mad at myself after stuffing my face with this and so bloated, but it was so yummy! I think it is because I feel i haven’t earnt it by putting in some good miles beforehand. In general, my diet is reasonable. I am a pescetarian (i believe that is the correct term) as i don’t eat meat, but i do eat fish. I try to eat a lot of fruit and get some veggies in, but i absolutely love pizza, pasta and curry!

Anyway, this is my first post and I don’t want to ramble on too much, but in the next few days I will paint a bit more of a picture of my running so far and my goals for 2014!

See ya soon x